6pc Bunny Kit
Includes Black Bunny Ears, Collar, Bow Tie, Pair of Cuffs, Pair of Cufflinks and Bunny Tail
Schoolgirl Collared Tie Top
Includes: Tie-Top with Vinyl Collar. Pleated skirt sold separately. 
2pc Piercing Beauty Vampire
Includes: Collared Vinyl Bodysuit with Studded Harness and Belt with attached Skirt Drapes
2pcs Underworld Vampire
Includes: Collared Double Layer Bodysuit with Cape and Belt
3pc Bewitching Beauty
Includes: Vinyl and Lace Bodysuit, Hat and Studded Garter Belt
2pc Midnight Coven Witch
Includes: Dress with Lace Up Detail and Viny
3pc Underworld Evil Queen
Includes: Vinyl Bodysuit with Lace-Up Detail, Adjustable Collar and Belted Overskirt with Built-In Petticoat. You may also like:3PC SENSUAL SERPENT MEDUSA QUEEN
4pc Angel of Darkness
Includes: Vinyl Dress with distressed Lace Detail and Built-On Wings, Gloves, Belt, and Headpiece
1pc Dark Angels Lust
Includes: Hooded Bodysuit, ,
2pc Heavens Kiss Angel
Includes: Vinyl Bodysuit with Lace Overdress, and Lace-Up Waist Cincher
Delux Feathered Wings
Delux Feathered Wings
2pc Lucifers Desire Devil
Includes: Hooded harness with Studs and Attached horns, and Zip-Up Trunks
Devil Wings
Devil Wings
3pc Devilish Delight
Includes: Corset with Peplums, Shorts with Attached Skirt Drapes and Headpiece
3pc Sensual Serpent Medusa Queen
Looking for a costume that's sure to turn heads this Halloween? Then check out our 3PC Sensual Serpent Medusa Queen costume! This sexy ensemble includes a bodysuit with studded harness, studded belt with attached skirt drapes, and headpiece. You'll be...
3pc Poisonous Kiss
Includes: Sequin Bodysuit with Artificial Vines, Choker, Belt with attached Skirt Drapes
4pc Valiant Gladiator
Includes: Harness with Cape, Gauntlets, Skirt and Headpiece
5pc Warrior Princess
Includes: Bodice, Criss-Cross Cape, Paneled Belt, Shorts, Gauntlets and Headpiece
4pc Pirate Buccaneer Beauty
Includes: Velvet Bodysuit, Bolero with Epaulettes, Belted Overskirt, and Hat
7pc Industrial Vixen Steampunk
Includes: Blouse, Waist Cincher, Belt with Pouches, Shorts, Hat Goggles, and Toy Gun
1pc Ninjas Vengeance
Includes: Bodysuit with Lace-Up Detail and Leg Ties, ,
3pc Ninja Warrior
Includes: Hooded Tunic, Gauntlets, Sash and Trunks
2pc Black Ops Spy
Includes: Bodysuit and Belt with Holsters, ,
3pc Nightshift Babe
Includes: Vinyl Bodysuit with Pocket Detail, Belt and Hat

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Nudetique's Sexy Halloween Costumes Collection

There are many different types of costumes that can be worn for Halloween or other occasions. Some popular costume ideas include nurse, cats, bunnies, angels, fairies, witches, devils, pirates, animals, school girls, maids, and let's not forget the infamous Play Boy Bunny. If you're looking for something a little bit different, extra, or just wanna wear something sexy this year, why not try one of these 10 amazing costume ideas? They will not disappoint. We carry the hottest Halloween costumes for women and men. Shop our huge selection of sexy costumes, you are sure to find the perfect sexy cosplay costumes for your next Halloween party or event!

Sexy Costumes and Costume Ideas:

Sexy Pirate Halloween costume

Argh matey! There's nothing quite like dressing up as a swashbuckling pirate on Halloween. Just make sure you get a shirt with an attached vest, some trousers or skirt, and a bandana or headscarf. And don't forget the eye patch.

The Hot Nurse or RN Halloween costumes

This is a classic sexy costume that has been around for years. All you need is the nurse's uniform, some fishnet stockings, and maybe a stethoscope.

Sexy Cat and Animal Halloween costumes

Dressing up as a cat is always a popular choice, but you can make it extra sexy when you choose from one of our sexy feline costumes.

The Playboy Bunny costume

This costume is perfect if you want to be both naughty and nice. You can never go wrong with a timeless, chic, and sexy bunny outfit. Whether you're going traditional or you want that dominatrix look with vinyl. Shop from our new 2022 Play Boy Costumes Collection.

Sexy Devil Halloween costume

Bring out your inner devil and burn any party down. Wearing red and black is always a good choice for Halloween, but you can make it sexier by adding some devil horns and a pitchfork with one of our many devilish styles. Or you could go as a sexy angel with wings and a halo.

Sexy Fairy Halloween costume

Flutter around the party as an enchanting fairy. You can find many different styles and colors to choose from.

The Sexy Witch Halloween costumes

Witches are always a popular choice for Halloween, but you can make yours stand out with one of our sexy witch costumes. Whether you want to be a classic wicked witch or something a little more modern, we have just the thing for you.

Hot School Girl Halloween costumes

Whether you want to be a student in uniform or that hot teacher, we've got the perfect outfit. From the Beverly Hills to just slutty.

Sexy Maid Halloween costume

Choose from The French Maid or the Housekeeping Honey. You'll be sure to look seductive in these adult Halloween costumes.

Goddess Angel or Dark Angel Halloween costume

Hot angel costumes are available for both men and women. From our angel goddess to the dark angel. There's a costume for any type of angel you want to be for Halloween.

Men's Halloween Costumes

Let's not forget about a costume for your man. Whether you're going for a Halloween couples costume or you just want him to wear something other than the typical store-bought masks, we have 42 different Halloween costumes just for men. We even offer accessories to match.

You can find many of our different costumes on our main menu. Our costumes are available from Small to XXL.

Halloween costume accessories

A costume is not complete without accessories. Shop our collection and accessorize any costume. From wigs, guns, holsters, necklaces, petticoats, swords, and wings.

What makes a Halloween costume sexy?

Use your imagination. One day out the year, you get to dress up and be anything you desire. Traditionally, people love to dress up as movie characters. As the years have passed, costumes have become more elaborate and seductive as the imagination runs wild. At Nudetique, we love sexy Halloween costumes because you get to bring out that inner child, but as an adult. As adults, we like to have fun too on Halloween night. Costumes Aren't Just for Kids.

With over 300+ costumes to choose from, you can go to multiple parties, or events and wear a different sexy costume each time. Shop now and sign up for special offers to get a coupon code for 15% off your order + free shipping when shopping on our site. Don't wait till the last minute when shopping. Certain costumes sell out fast and shipping times slightly vary due to the demand for online shopping. And don't worry, if you're not happy with your costume or you need a different size, you have 30 days from the day of purchase to return for an exchange or credit (no returns after October 18th. The items must be unused and with all original tags attached0.

Size guide:

Refer to our size guide when shopping for your Halloween costume. The models in the photos wear a size Small (except for our queen/XL and XXL photos). You can also find a size chart under each costume. If you're in between sizes, we recommend ordering a size up. We offer many costumes in plus sizes that will fit comfortably and look great on any body type.

What not to wear on Halloween:

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what to wear on Halloween. However, here are a few things you may want to avoid wearing:

- Masks that cover your entire face. It's hard to eat or drink with these on and chances are you'll end up taking it off at some point during the night.

- Costumes that are difficult to move in. You want to be able to have fun and not worry about ripping your costume. If you can't sit down in your costume or take a few steps without feeling restricted, then it's probably not the right costume or size for you.

- Clothing that is too loose. Avoid costumes that are bulky and make it hard to move around. You want to be able to enjoy the night and not worry about your costume.

Have a question? Visit our FAQ page. Happy Halloween shopping from Nudetique!


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