Costumes Aren't Just for Kids

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Do you remember dressing up for Halloween as a kid and traveling door to door looking for candy or other treats? Do you also remember feeling sad the year your mom or dad said you were too old to dress up anymore? Well, take heart. Costumes aren't just for kids anymore.

Adults love to wear costumes, and not just for Halloween, either. Now, with some kind of con (convention, in case you weren't sure) or party happening routinely, adults have more reason than ever to find a perfect costume and wear it. 

Why Do Adults Love Costumes? 

Adults love costumes for a variety of reasons. According to HuffPost, one of the reasons adults love costumes is they can dress up without fear of judgment. Another is that it allows them to relive their childhood in some way. Or, it could be as simple as there's an office party, and the host requested everyone dress up. 

There are deeper reasons for adults to choose to wear a costume. Statistically, according to, adults spend 42% more than kids on their outfits, and that tally goes up if it happens to be an election year. So, why has Halloween, and dressing up in general, become so popular with adults? Here are five benefits to dressing up that we might consider. 

  1. 3pc Kinky Nurse
    It's a vacation from stress. It's socially acceptable to be silly and fun on Halloween. No one judges you if you choose to dress up or eat candy that day. It's an escape from the daily grind. 
  2. Your id gets to come out and play. So, we're getting a little Freudian with this one, but it's still a valid point. The id is the part of your personality that is selfish, irresponsible, and full of spunk. It's the part that says, Come on, chocolate isn't going to hurt you. Societal pressures keep our ids in check, but it feels okay to let go and be a little less responsible if you're dressed as someone else.
  3. We all need a little creativity and fantasy. Fantasy and creativity help us to remain inspired. However, most responsible adults often don't engage that part of their mental capacity. So, Halloween, and the costumes that go with it, allow us to be creative and fantasize about a different life.
  4. Socialization helps you feel connected. When there's a costume party, you have an excuse to talk with, and maybe flirt with, other people. You come out of your shell because you don't look like your normal every day, dressed for the office. These events can help you make new friends or reconnect with old ones.
  5. It allows you to face fear with fun. Many costumes represent the things we fear the most, death in one form or another. Traditionally, people dressed as ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, or other kinds of killers for Halloween. Taking the fear and turning it into a role-play situation helps us to feel more in control of the fear. 

Are Costumes Right for You?

3pc Sheriff Cutie

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be free to be someone else, even just for a night? If so, you might benefit from some role-play in costumes. There are multitudes of styles available these days, from modest, traditional pieces to sexy, sultry, seductive pieces. Nothing says your costume has to be for Halloween, either. 

Have you, or your special someone, ever had a fantasy you'd like to play out? Think about it, if your significant other has expressed a fantasy surrounding a naughty schoolgirl or you have fantasies involving first responders, nothing says the two of you can't dress the part in the safety and comfort of your home. Explore what a nice costume can add to that fantasy role-play. 

Our Costume Collection

At Nudetique, we have a collection of costumes that can set your imagination in motion. We have seductive, provocative numbers, and we have more modest yet still body-hugging styles. Have you always wanted to be a mermaid? We have that.

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Perhaps, you'd like a more traditional yet modernized version of a devil costume. We have several to choose from. We have princesses, mobsters, angels, and many others in our collection. It's up to you and your imagination how our costumes lead you. 

If you are looking for something that's definitely considered a sexy costume, why not become a Playboy bunny for the night. We have several bunny costumes available in our collection as well. 

Perhaps you missed Halloween and want to dress up for the Christmas party. We have a few selections for that as well. Santa would find our elves to be attention grabbers. 

Maybe you'd like to assume a new identity to attend a rave this weekend. Our costumes could be a good choice for that as well. They are comfortable, and many are appropriate choices for the rave scene. 

Whatever your idea of the perfect costume, it isn't complete without accessories. Luckily, we realize that, too. We have a variety of costume accessories available, as well. 

Our costumes feature various fabrics and styles. Comfort is key to choosing the right costume for you. Look at the different styles and see what we have to offer. You might be surprised by what you find appealing. 

The Takeaway

Adults are dressing up more than ever these days. Whether it's for a holiday party, a con, or simply because they enjoy role-playing, adults are embracing the fun of wearing costumes again. Wearing costumes takes them back to childhood or into a stress-free, judgment-free zone that allows them to feel free for at least one night. 

Finding the right costume could be just a click away when you shop at Nudetique. With a variety of styles available, you can allow your imagination to run wild when choosing a costume. Whether you want something with a traditional yet modern flair or you are looking for something quite sexy, we're sure we have something in our collection you'll love. 


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